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The Benefits of Aloe Vera for the Hair and Scalp

Aloe vera is an all-natural mucilage plant with numerous healing properties and has been used in ancient and Ayurvedic healing practices for many years. Man companies have started to incorporate Ayurvedic herbs into their hair care product formulations because of their growing popularity and ability to strengthen, nourish, and promote hair growth.


Mucilage plants are classes of plants that have the ability to create a thick, slimy substance just like what you see when you slice open an aloe vera branch.  Aloe vera comes from this class of plants and has been used to treat cuts, burns and various skin problems for centuries. But did you know that aloe vera was extremely beneficial to your hair?


Aloe vera is a safe, natural treatment for various hair and beauty issues. When it comes to hair care, it has been used across several cultures to effectively treat hair loss and promote hair growth. This miracle plant contains special enzymes called proteolytic enzymes that repair dead skin cells on the scalp and help to promote new hair growth even for slow growing hair.


As a natural conditioner, aloe vera has the ability to hydrate natural hair and help the hair to retain moisture. Research shows that aloe vera is a strong agent in helping the hair and scalp to retain water without clogging the scalp.


Aloe vera contains vital mineral and nutrients that are absorbed into the blood stream. By stimulating and increasing the blood flow to the scalp, these minerals travel quickly and increase delivery and blood circulation of the scalp also increases. This stimulates the production of the natural sebum your scalp produces in addition to new growth. Aloe vera improves the condition of the hair and in some cases, has been successfully used to treat hair loss and certain forms of alopecia.


Natural black hair is more prone to breakage because the hair texture is tightly curled or coiled, making it more susceptible to tangles and moisture loss. Aloe vera works by rejuvenating the hair and improving elasticity to reduce the chance of breakage.


Less breakage, of course, means that you will retain more length helping you to reach your hair growth goals. Although many black hair care products promise to deliver the same, the safest most beneficial option to the chemically-laden commercial products is using an all-natural ingredient.


Aloe vera promises to deliver in more ways than one and adding it to your hair care routine can greatly improve the condition of your hair and restore it to the soft, healthy, flourishing hair it was meant to be.


Aloe vera can be used alone or added to your favorite shampoos to help deliver the nourishing and fortifying benefits of the plant. The nourishing benefits of aloe are enhanced two-fold when combined with other Ayurvedic herbs, essential oils, and plant extracts for the hair and skin.




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