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Healthy Hair Coaching (90 Minutes)

Have you tried following the regimen of Youtubers or Instagramers without success? 

  • Is your hair still dry, shedding, not growing, and experiencing breakage even after trying many products, but nothing seems to work?
  • Are you tired of depending on wigs and weaves just for your hair to look decent in public and you know that you could invest that money in taking care of your real hair?
If you are experiencing these issues then I am the coach that will turn your broken hair into hair that is healthy and then long. If you are willing to follow my counsel you will have hair that once was only a dream.


Hair health will not happen overnight but in stages that will take place over a 90 day period. After 90 days of following my customized regimen for your hair, it will be healthy and ready for growth.

What will our 90-minute coaching session include:

  • Analysis of your current hair regimen, hair products, and condition of your hair.
  • A detailed regimen of how to choose products and hairstyles based on your hair's porosity.
  • How to read product labels to identify the correct ingredients for your hair care needs.
  • A customized hair regimen for you to follow that will deliver results.
  • A detailed product list of 4-5 products that will deliver results for your hair care needs.
  • Education on how to document your hair care journey to see your 90-day progress.
  • Our 1 on 1 coaching will take place face to face on Google Hangouts at your scheduled time.
  • After our 1 on 1 coaching, I will follow up with you via email after 30 days to check on you and answer any questions that you may have for me

After payment is made you will receive an email within 12 hours to schedule your coaching session. If you have any questions please email us at

The pictures are courtesy of @theofficialrazorchic to show you an example of the types of hair damage that I have experience with.